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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Gimbal Operation

There are two kinds of #movement in video:

1. The camera is in one spot and tilts up/down, pans left/right, and zooms.

2. The camera ITSELF moves, in addition to tilting/panning/zooming.

Not too long ago, videographers had to use heavy and cumbersome equipment to stabilize their shots while moving. Now, technology has progressed so far that all we need is a handheld motorized light-weight machine, the #gimbal! And a #drone for shots that are higher than the ground.

Here are two behind-the-scenes photos of Executive Producer Megan Roberge operating the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal to smoothly and cinematically capture every detail of Cobb Industrial Inc’s spectacular facility and office, even when maneuvering within narrow spaces! You can watch the full video at:

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