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Atlanta Business Video
Corporate and Real Estate Video Production
We're here to help.

Atlanta Business Video specializes in producing corporate and Real Estate videos that engage, inform, and inspire action! We're honored to have served the Atlanta metro area for over a decade, and have had the pleasure of working with a variety of industries and markets.


Our approach is all about you. Every project is unique, and requires the right mix of expertise and services. As a virtual production company, we're able to right-size the production to your project. We start by learning about your company, your target audience, and what you're aiming to achieve through the project. We'll then match you with the right resources to produce your vision and effectively connect with your audience.

We. Love. Video. We're here to help you do what you love, simply by doing what we love. Most of our clients continue to work with us on an on-going basis, and it's a privilege to be the local go-to company for video production. Lets get started on making video work for your company! 


Step one is strategizing the most effective way to reach your target audience, illustrate your message, and achieve your goals for the video. Once the requirements are covered, we'll create a plan of action and coordinate all the moving pieces to prepare for production. 



We constantly strive to stay on top of our craft- which means we only utilize both top talent and equipment. Whether you need a 30 second commercial or a 5 day conference filmed, we guarantee the most

professional and personable

crew possible with the right equipment.


After filming, we'll put everything together and provide the first draft for review. We'll implement any changes needed until you're completely satisfied. We do our best to ensure that your unique voice and desires are

represented throughout each stage of the process. Let the

footage speak for itself, or

incorporate motion graphics to tell the story.


Once your project is complete, it's important to utilize 100% of its potential reach. Our video marketing services help bridge the gap from creation to implementation. Video 

marketing boosts your chance of being found in search results, and puts you in front of your audience where they spend their time- on video sharing sites and social media. 

Want to learn more? Check out the resources page, our portfolio of recent work, or subscribe to our channels below!
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