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Showcase your property with style.

Real Estate listing videos have quickly taken over as the hottest trend in Real Estate marketing.  Whether you are selling your home, a multifamily property, or a commercial listing- ABV can increase your visibility and engagement through video. We make the process easy and seamless for our clients, and work with you to ensure the highest quality production within your budget.


We have served the Real Estate industry for the last decade, providing innovative and cutting edge video production that gets results. We know your industry and what's important to your investors and clients. Our experience and industry knowledge means we can guarantee the highest quality product at a reasonable investment on an efficient time-line. Be part of the Real Estate video revolution- kick your marketing up a notch by hiring Atlanta Business Video for your next propetry video. Take the first step by clicking the "get started" button above.


For projects within 100 mile radius of Atlanta, we offer on-location video production

complete with incredible cameras and stabilization equipment. Create compelling presentions with this beautifully captured footage! Our experienced and creative team will effectively and artistically capture each aspect of the property in order to craft your vision.


Aerial videography is a

beautiful way to add production quality that will impress viewers.  Aerial videography allows the viewer to see and experience a different perspective. Each breathtaking shot captures a unique view that is otherwise impossible, as well as appeal to the audience on an emotional level. 


Our editors are not only proficient in the latest editing software, they also know what it takes to craft an effective video to represent your business and property. Incorporating motion graphics brands the video, communicates more information, and can better appeal to your target audience.


Google Earth tours give you the power to illustrate the incentivizing aspects of the area around the property. The program flies the viewer from one location to another with photorealistic 3D renderings of the earth. Highlight where the asset lies in relation to the city, comparables, economic drivers and developments, educational institutions, major travel arteries, and more. 


Pair your offering memorandum with a video that shows off the value-add of the property. Branded for your company, these videos focus on the features of the property as well as the incentivizing aspects of the area. Through aerial and

ground videography, we'll capture a stunning tour. We can

also work with any existing photos or videos you have for the project. In editing, we can add graphics to review the property details, amenity package, unit features, upgrade potential, as well as any charts or statistics to support financials. Illustrate

the asset's proximity to major employers, shopping, travel arteries, comparables, and more with Google Earth tours and motion tracking call-out labels. Stand out from your competition and get started on making video work for your listing!


Engage your clients and investors with a cinematic production that allows them to experience the asset and area. A combination of aerial and ground videography artfully captures what makes your property unique, while motion graphics point out special features and area highlights. Already have photos and videos for the property? We can edit them together into a final product. 


For property developers that focus on a community of single family homes, showcase each model type and highlight the community amenities with a gorgeous video tour. Our talented team will not only beautifully capture each community, but also make the process simple and easy.

Consider incorporating an agent speaking on-screen, voice over, or motion graphics to point out the top features. 


Make your luxury listing truly stand out from the crowd with a stunning video! To accurately capture the natural beauty of your property, we work with top-of-the-line cameras, drones, and stabilization equipment that allows us to get the perfect shot as we guide the viewer through the home. Let the footage speak for itself, or add either a voice over or text graphics to highlight the best features. Either way, you'll get more return on your advertising dollars.

Wondering if Real Estate Video Marketing might benefit your newest listing? Unsure of where to get stared? Read our blog outlining the Top 3 Reasons Real Estate Video Marketing might be right for you.

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