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Our story began...

Atlanta Business Video was founded by Roger Stix in 2008, when businesses were first beginning to use video on the internet. At the time, high quality video was not a viable option for small to medium-sized businesses, but the need to compete with video and a strong web presence was growing. In response, the ABV production process and team was formed to provide high quality, effective videos to businesses at an affordable cost with a fast turnaround. And through over a decade of service, we have held true to that purpose. Though we have changed considerably over the years, our dedication to customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality video production possible never has. 


In 2015, Megan (Clark) Roberge transitioned from partner to Owner/Executive Producer at ABV. Her dedication to perfecting her craft and keeping her clients 100% satisfied is evidenced by her passion and continuous drive to bring the latest technology and cutting edge capabilities to her clients.


Today, Atlanta Business Video consists of a group of highly experienced and talented script writers, producers, videographers, photographers, drone operators, teleprompter operators, production assistants, and editors. We also partner with local studios, talent agencies, voice over artists, and foreign language translators to achieve exactly what you're looking for. Together, we produce corporate and Real Estate videos that engage, inform, and entice prospects to take action. We're passionate about the creating the connection between viewer and great content. You can depend on us to take the time to understand your vision, brainstorm how to illustrate your message, creatively capture the footage, work with you to edit the final product on schedule, and help broaden the reach and return on investment.

Video should be fun, not a stressful endeavor. Let us take the pressure off your project and make video work for your company!

Owen Smith
Erin Dyer
Adam Goldberg
Megan Roberge
Christian Jolly
Michael Beck
James Roberge
Calvin Harris
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"Atlanta Business Video did an absolutely amazing job on the work for my company. In addition, in comparison to all peers, their pricing and terms were phenomenal and they went above and beyond the scope of work. There was a true passion and commitment to get the job done, so that we stood out. Would definitely do business again."


What our clients say...

We partner with these amazing people and companies to provide more services that increase your ROI...

Local Studios

Need a studio production for your video project? Depending on your needs, we'll coordinate renting the right space for your project. We're honored to work with Studio Space Atlanta, VLink Solutions, Full Frame Studios, Ambient+Studio, Mark Squared Studios, and even Roam Innovative Workplace to set the right scene.

Talent Agencies

If you'd prefer to have a professional actor deliver your message and represent your business on-screen, we work with several local talent agencies to provide the right actor or actress. Whether you need one or multiple actors, your top candidates will send in an audition video with a sample script for review to see if they're a fit for your project.

Voice Over Artists

Voice overs are an effective way to deliver your message. We work with voice over artists across the country to provide the right mix of quality, availability, turnaround, and price. Once the script is ready, your top picks will send in a short audition for you to get a feel for each person's energy, style, voice, and fit for your specific project. Check out our voice over artist playlist to hear samples of our core team of voice over talent.


Need to scale your production to a global audience? We work with TrueLanguage to provide native foreign language translation and voice overs for your project. We'll coordinate the translation process of your script to any language and incorporate the final product into your video. Whether it's voice over, graphics, or subtitles, your audience will better connect to your content.

Want to learn more? Check out the resources page, our portfolio of recent work, or subscribe to our channels below!
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