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Voice Over Talent

Welcome to Atlanta Business Video! We're so glad you're interested in becoming a part of the Atlanta Business Video

voice over team. We're honored to work with talent all over the world to deliver the best possible product for our clients. 


Below you will find the process of submitting your information for the application, along with how we work with our voice over artists.

Our typical projects that require voice over include 2-3 minute Corporate and Real Estate videos, for web use. Each project is unique, but client budgets for VO is generally around $50 - $150/minute. We have voice over artists at a wide range of rates, so please submit your information for consideration.  


Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and submit your demo(s). While we have a workflow and structure that we usually use, please be sure to let us know how you would like to work with us.


If approved, we'll start sending out connection requests on social media channels, and begin editing the demo video that includes your audio reel. Help us help you by subscribing to our channels below!

  • Youtube Channel
  • Vimeo Channel
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Facebook Page
  • Google+ Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Twitter Account


Your voice over video will be added to our Youtube Playlist, which we share with clients when it's time to choose talent for a project. Here's a look at our current playlist. Click the dropdown in the top left corner to see other videos in the playlist.

Once selected for a project, we'll reach out to negotiate budget and submit a sample audition to the client for approval.


Next, we'll send you the script for the project to record. Ideal turnaround is within 24 hours. After client review of the video edit, we'll submit any necessary revisions for recording. Generally, if the change is new, it is an additional fee. If it is an adjustment to the original recording, it is considered part of the original budget. Our VO talent have varied revision requirements, so be sure to mention any specific

re-record needs.


Submit your application below to be considered for the Atlanta Business Video voice over talent roster. Every field is not required, this is just meant to capture as much information as possible.

Types of VO

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your submission!
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