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What Should Your Business Post on Social Media?

In a previous article, I broke down how often your business should be posting. Now lets talk about what kind of content your business should post on social media.

Keep in mind, the examples I'm providing are mostly video because (surprise!) that's what we do here at Atlanta Business Video, but they don't have to be. In fact, an ideal content marketing plan consists of a variety of types of written and visual elements.

Here are the top 10 types of content to include in your marketing plan, with examples!

1. Company Overview: Share your story and explain what you offer. If appropriate, include a guided tour.

2. Company Updates: What's new with your company- Hire someone new? Move locations? Win an award? Show it off! Your audience wants to follow and support your business's journey. This Burger Theory video won Silver in the W3 Branded Food and Beverage category back in 2019!

3. Behind-the-scenes: Share what you're up to with a behind-the-scenes look at a current project.

4. Executive Interviews: Bio videos, or Executive Interviews, are a great way to create a personal connection with your prospects. Don't you feel like you know Adam from Artisan Financial Strategies already after watching the video below?

5. Testimonials: Let others sing your praises! There's a reason why reviews hold such weight when researching products and services. It's one thing to tell people what your business does and how great you are, but hearing it from others is even better. Testimonials can be written, on-camera, created into an image (try Canva, a user-friendly graphic design solution great for any experience level), or made into a video with text graphics like the one below.

6. Value-add: Share your knowledge! By providing valuable content, you set yourself apart as an industry leader, build credibility, prove expertise in your field, and educate your audience. This also gives them a reason to keep coming back to your content if they're getting something out of it.

7. Product/Service Overview: Show versus tell. Feature your product or service and let your prospects get a feel for what you offer before they buy.

8. Show Your Work: Show off what you can do with a concrete example of what you have provided a specific client. This is a win win for you and your client- mutual marketing!

9. Topical: Piggyback on current or local events (keeping in mind your brand and audience), holidays, pop culture, etc.

10. Commercial: I list this one last to illustrate that there are so many other types of organic content you can share in addition to paid promotions. Commercials are an incredible tool for reaching your prospects, especially when effectively targeted and boosted through a paid ad campaign.

These are just a few types of posts you can share to support your brand and build your audience. The list continues to evolve as social media evolves!

Stay tuned for best practices and where your business should be posting!

Interested in learning more about video marketing for your business? Comment your suggestions for future topics or DM your questions and I’ll be sure to cover them in future posts.

Atlanta Business Video specializes in corporate & commercial Real Estate video production that engages, informs, and entices prospects to take action. Learn more at


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