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How Often Should Your Business Post on Social Media?

Social media has become the best way for businesses to increase brand awareness, build an audience, drive traffic, and convert prospects into clients. In fact, a social presence is expected. When a prospect is considering a product or service, the most common first steps are to look through the business’ site and posts, and search for honest reviews. Does that ring true for your own experience in buying products/services for yourself, personally? The same holds for your prospects.

How often a business should post on social media is one of the top questions business owners ask when attempting to establish a social presence. You might think, the more posts the better, right? Not necessarily. The answer is- as often as you can keep up with. Consistency is more effective than how often you post. Posting even once per week is great, as long as you keep up with it. It doesn’t help your business to post a bunch one week, drop off for a couple weeks, and continue that pattern.

Surely there must be a magic number to strive for though, you might ask? Posting 2-3 times per week is generally the most effective, but again, ONLY if you can keep up with that pace. Do not burn out trying to post constantly only to lose interest and steam, leaving your audience in the dark. Building an audience that follows your brand doesn’t happen all at once- it takes time.

Social media is two sided. To be truly effective, not only do you need to post consistently, but you also have to engage with your audience. If you upload a post and do not respond to comments, the post loses all the potential momentum it could have achieved. Social media is a conversation. It’s SOCIAL, if you will ;) Consider the second side of the coin when establishing your social posting schedule.

The logic behind consistent posting not only applies to the people in your audience, but also the ever changing Search Engine Optimization algorithm. When someone searches for your product or service, the job of Google or any other search engine is to provide them with the most accurate answer. As the search engine is indexing all of the possible solutions to the inquiry, businesses that are currently producing content consistently are seen as a better fit than businesses that don’t.

And while I say all this as a best practice, I will also add that your mental health is an important factor. Running a business, building your brand, managing your team, and doing the actual work is a hard balance. Adding something new to the mix can feel overwhelming. Start small. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world. Personally, when I found out I was pregnant last year I stopped posting on social media because I couldn’t give my best to the business, keep up with creating social content, and grow my perfect daughter at the same time. Now that I’m back from maternity leave I’m back to reestablishing my routine and reconnecting with you all once again! Glad to be back.

Now that you know how often to post, stay tuned for what kind of content you should post- coming up!

Interested in learning more about video marketing for your business? Comment your suggestions for future topics or DM your questions and I’ll be sure to cover them in future posts.

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