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Are you interested in doing a video, but you don't know how to get started?

Atlanta Business Video has served the Atlanta community for over ten years. In that time, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative and exciting companies in Georgia, and have completed thousands of productions. Frequently, we hear prospective clients have the same questions (and sometimes, concerns) about the production process. We wanted to outline a few select FAQs to help you feel more comfortable with the production process, and answer any major questions and concerns before moving forward with your video.

The first question we always hear is ‘how much will my video cost?’

This is an excellent questions and truthfully, we don’t have a fast and easy answer for that. The reason for that is that each and every individual video we quote has been vetted and reviewed by both a senior producer and owner. We use a unique formula we have developed through our years of service, to help give you the most accurate and thoroughly researched estimate possible. Because we have worked with so many companies on so many productions,we can use our past experiences to help guide our pricing structure, and give us a very close estimate to the final cost. Sure, anyone can send you a LOW quote, and then kill you with ‘add ons’ later. But we pride ourselves on our ability to give you an honest, upfront and realistic estimate that wont be renegotiated later on in the production process. If we do have to change the estimate, it is only at the clients approval, and we always provide way to work around a price increase.

How does the production process work?

At ABV, we specialize in all areas of production. Unlike some companies, we typically do all production in-house, which minimizes excess and third party costs. When you contact ABV for a quote, you will be assigned a senior producer, who will work hand in hand with you throughout the production process. Our skilled staff has worked on hundreds of productions, and is qualified to tackle each part of the process.

Beginning with scripting, we can help you translate your ideas into a creative storyline that will speak to your clients and prospects. Your producer will also be on location the day of the shoot, to make sure that your vision is expertly captured. From there, they will take over as editor, and work closely with you to craft your final video. Finally, your ABV producer will ensure that once your video is done, we are maximizing its effectiveness. We can help you put your video to work through online advertising, web marketing, or commercial airplay.

At ABV, our biggest concern is your happiness. We work tirelessly for our clients to make sure that they are 100% satisfied, and have never had a complaint about our service. Our professional and friendly staff truly cares about your project, your business, and you. Over 90% of our business is from repeat customers- people we consider both our partners and our friends. Reach out to us, and talk to us about your needs. We promise to give you an upfront, honest, and realistic estimate- and to work as hard for you as you work for your company!

Should I shoot in a studio?

Often times, one of the most important things to consider is WHERE to shoot your next video. ABV is a ‘virtual’ production house, which helps save our clients money. We partner with conveniently located studios across the metro-Atlanta area, to serve your studio location needs. However- oftentimes, we think shooting in your ‘authentic’ environment is best. Our portable studio equipment is easily set up on location, takes up little room, and wont shut you out of your office for the day. For corporate overviews, testimonials, realty videos, speaking engagements, interviews- we generally consider on-location to be the best option.

However, there are times when a studio location is best, such for some product demonstrations or for more theatrical presentations. During these times, ABV subcontracts a studio to use, and a location fee will be added. The cost of the studio depends on the amount of time it is needed, and is often broken up in hourly or 1/2 and full day increments. We do our best to keep these outside charged to a minimum, and will always work with you on what is best for your production.

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