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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Georgia Power Chef Series with EQ Productions

We partnered up with EQ Productions recently to produce two episodes of the Georgia Power Chef Series hosted by the Georgia Power Customer Resource Center featuring the incredible chef David Rose! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the production at the test kitchen, which is packed with cutting-edge #electric cooking equipment. He walked through some amazing recipes, so be sure to follow Georgia Power Customer Resource Center to watch the episodes! I can say from my experience they pretty much taste like joy melting in your mouth.

❖ Want to learn more about how to get Georgia Power’s latest electric kitchen equipment that is more energy efficient, increases productivity, and lowers costs? Go to ❖ Ready for your own video project? Reach out to Atlanta Business Video at #adventuresinproduction with “The Dynamic Duo Erin Dyer and Megan Roberge

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