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MOMOCHROMATIC 2019 Experience

2019 MOMOCHROMATIC highlights video! The MOMOCHROMATIC experience benefits Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, and includes: pampering for mom, a family photo-shoot on a white background with white props and wardrobe options, and a goodie bag for mom. Either silly or sweet, this photoshoot captures some precious moments. Here’s a look at this year’s event, and be sure to stay tuned to sign up for 2020!

Karen Hagerman and DJ Jennings are the brilliant hosts and photographers of the event, and so many incredible businesses and people donated their time and services to make this event happen. We’re honored to be a part of the team. Looking forward to next year!

❖ An Atlanta Business Video Production with Megan Roberge, Mengcheng Zhang, Atlanta Street View Inside, Djaren Photography, and edited by Kelly Magnusson

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