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The Benefits of Real Estate Video During the Pandemic

In a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, many real estate professionals may question how to remain relevant and ahead of the curve in an industry that is, historically, based on social interaction? Whether you are a commercial real estate investor, a multi-family developer, or a single family residential agent- video can play a critical role in staying at the top of your game in today’s new world. With nearly all business interaction moving to a virtual space, our focus is shifting from physical marketing to digital marketing almost exclusively. Buyers, renters, and investors will ultimately make decisions in person- but the tools we must lean on now will need to give us the ability to present as much information as possible in a digital space.

"How can video, specifically, help us in this time of unprecedented disruption?"

We are all familiar with the proverbial ‘walk through’ video. For years real estate companies have used this concept to help potential customers get a feel for what they will experience first hand at a property. With our ability to explore multiple properties and locations more limited, bringing the true “live” experience to your clients is more critical than ever. This change in physical availability means we need to make what was once a luxury product our mainstream accommodations, whenever possible. Video can transform a stagnant listing with pictures and text to a true-to-life experience that informs individuals on a deeper level what they can expect from a property. Additionally, video provides us with a tool that can be seamlessly shared to many potential customers, freeing us from the need to be physically available when it may be difficult.

Because our capacity to share with customers has been moved to a more limited space, it is essential to put our best foot forward in our online communications. Professional video production can help showcase your unique offering- from capturing the elegance of your upgraded finishes, to the spaciousness of your office complex. Drone video footage takes your footage to new heights, and provides a true overview of the surrounding area of your property.

Share the neighborhood or business park experience by providing a more well-rounded video, using drone capabilities.

At Atlanta Business Video, we believe there is an opportunity to expand your real estate video beyond the property, and dive more thoroughly into the lifestyle benefits of the surrounding area. With our propriety Google Earth video segments, ABV is able to dive much deeper into the specific benefits and highlights of the surrounding area. Experience this specialized process with a sample from our commercial real estate portfolio:

Attracting new renters or investors? Showcase your property’s convenient access to highways and major cities. For SFH buyers, feature the close access to shopping, great schools, and outdoor living experiences. Whether your buyers are moving for economic advancement or to the school district of their dreams, providing a thorough understanding of what the area has to offer can help solidify the deal.

While real estate has experienced an upswing from historically low rates, some important trends have remained steady. Millennials are still the number one generation currently in the market for homes (, and they spend more time researching homes online that any other generation (https:// age-08-22-2019.pdf). Therefore, creating a prudent real estate marketing campaign that lasts should include the most sought-after online marketing tool currently at our disposal.

Whether you are marketing to corporate clients or personal consumers, effective video marketing can make all the difference in your capacity to successfully showcase your properties’ key differentiators in a market that has moved to a virtual space. Protect your own health and well-being by allowing clients to take a true virtual tour with video before scheduling to see your property in-person. And, capture more potential customers with the proven, most effective real estate marketing tool currently available: professional video.

To learn more about how Atlanta Business Video is helping professional realty companies capture the marketing in our evolving economy, reach out to us at


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