Buck Davis Professional Speaker Video Reel - Atlanta Business Video

You saw the 3-camera behind-the-scenes shots, here’s a look at the final video of BuckDavis in action! We incorporated parts of multiple presentations for a short look at who Buck is, get a feel for his presentation style, what he covers, and how he can help! Not only is Buck super fun to work with, he WILL make a difference in your organization. So get moving on booking him for your event or training!

Buck Davis is widely regarded as a leading authority on #diversity and #inclusion. A frequent guest commentator on CNN on issues of diversity and an in-demand interactive keynote speaker, Buck draws upon 18 years of experience with helping organizations identify and embrace differences in innovative ways. Driven by the belief that a culture of #happiness and #positivity leads to the highest levels of productivity, Buck and his team have developed a comprehensive multi-tier program of workshops, computer-based training and corporate inclusion videos to help companies spread positive change in the workplace.

❖ Buck Davis: https://buckdavis.com

❖ Atlanta Business Video: https://www.AtlantaBusinessVideo.com

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