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Define Your Message - Video Marketing Tips

After deciding that video could play an integral role in engaging with your clients and prospects and defining who those people are, the third critical step to take is to ‘Define Your Message’. This important piece of the creative process should come before writing your script, and before moving from the ‘pre-production’ phase to the ‘post-production’ phase.

How do you ‘define your message’? Ask yourself some important questions that will help determine the direction of the script, shoot, and final editing.

These questions can include:

1. What information do you want to convey?

2. What actions do you want the audience to take?

3. How can you reach the intended audience effectively?

4. What key words or phrases should be used?

5. What impact do you want to make?

Once these important questions are answered, you have the components necessary to move on to the script writing portion of the process! To learn more, schedule a free consultation today, at


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